A product commonly will have something unique about it. If you have your own business, it will be a good time for you to start thinking about how to make the good preparation about your own products. Am I right? Visibility and ID The only 2 in 1 product on the market. Commonly 2 in 1 product can provide you with the perfect visibility (blinking and steady one) and it will have the info of the person like name, blood type, allergies, medical information and still many more. In order to have the complete one, you need to write down all of the info with the sharpie pen on the waterproof polymer strip and put that in the product. This product has the led system and supported by a cr2032 battery that will make it easy to replace after 70 hours usage. Waterproof, light, and comfortable is the feature of this product.

Who Am I gives you 3 kinds of products, the LED ID slap bracelet (worn in wrist and simple for using),  the armband (worn in upper arm), and the LED clip on ID (for children and for traveling hiking). Those products will be seen be safe to be worn everywhere.


Source : http://en.whoami-id.com/